Health in Focus: Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery with Dr. Adam Kremer

If you’re considering back surgery, you may want to explore as many options as you can – including minimally invasive methods. Madamkremer 01We chat with Dr. Adam Kremer, from the Jagannathan Neurosurgery Institute about this procedure, and its benefits in this edition of Health in Focus.

Dr. Kremer is the newest team member at the Jagannathan Neurosurgery Institute. He is a board-certified neurosurgeon and is bringing something new to the “operating table” with his specialty. 

“Traditional back surgery is done via a big long midline incision, and in order to do a procedure on a pinched nerve – they typically remove a lot of important anatomy bones that are there for a reason,” explained Dr. Kremer. He added that the traditional method may make you feel better, but the pain may come back and you’ll need surgery again.

He recommends minimally invasive spine surgery for back issues like pinched nerves. “I use a small tube smaller than your finger to access the pathology directly on the nerve without weakening the spine,” Dr. Kremer said. “The results provide longer-lasting relief of pain and hopefully not require more back surgery”.

In addition, Dr. Kremer claims that there is also less tissue, muscle, and bone damaged with minimally invasive spine surgery leading to quicker recovery times. Please note that this also depends on the health of the patient.

For more information about Dr. Adam Kremer, click here.

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