Jill Biden Pushes Early Voting During Northern Michigan Campaign Stops

Michigan continues to be a hot bed for political rallies from both parties.

Tuesday, Joe Biden’s wife Jill came to northern Michigan for two stops, Right Brain Brewery and King’s Orchard.

She is being hosted by Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of Pete and a Traverse City native.Jil B In Tc Pic

If you are visiting Traverse City for the first time, a trip to a brewery and an orchard is on brand. If you’re campaigning, so too is asking people to vote as early as possible.

“We’ve got 30 something days left until Election Day,” says Buttigieg, “You can vote right now in Michigan.”

The event at Right Brain Brewery was about voter mobilization, getting out to vote early and getting your friends to do the same.

“Early voting will help us make sure that there are absolutely no ambiguity on November 4,” says Biden.

While that was the main focus, Biden also took time to stress, to the crowd of about 100 people, the importance of climate change to the area.

“Many small businesses and farms and farmers are having problems because of climate change,” says Biden, “It’s unbelievable that we have a president who just won’t admit that climate change even exists.”

Her hardest sell for her husband? Pointing to his compassion and experience to lead a country, no matter the location.

“Our communities are showing us that the heart of this nation still beats with kindness and courage,” says Biden.

Her stay in Northern Michigan was a short one because she quickly took off to Cleveland, to be with her husband for the first presidential debate Tuesday night.

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