CMU Students Eager to Watch First Presidential Debate

Students at Central Michigan University are weighing into Tuesday night’s presidential debate.

Gabriel Butzke, with the CMU College of Republicans, says, “For a lot of my peers, this is their first presidential election and it’s one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime.”

Butzke says he’s excited to see what both President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have to say.

“Everybody should be tuning in and everybody should definitely be doing their research about who they think they should vote for.”

Butzke says he’s interested in hearing how Biden would handle the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Particularly because I keep seeing ads from Joe Biden about a plan for COVID-19, but I haven’t seen much about what the actual plan is yet. So I’m excited to hear him expound on that a little bit and try and figure out what his actual plan is,” Butzke says.

For Lance Wood, president of the College of Democrats at CMU, he wants to see how both sides answer questions to the Supreme Court nominee.

“That’s kind of been a very recent hot button issue and there’s a lot of people, I think, that have a stake in that in terms of women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, racial justice and things like that,” Wood says.

Wood and Butzke say it’s important for young adults to watch the debate and be educated in politics, and then turn out to vote either by absentee or in person Nov. 3.

“Make sure that when you’re watching, you’re voting for the person who represents you and you feel like it the right direction for the country,” Wood says.

Butzke says, “The College of Republicans don’t care who you vote for, especially students, all we want is to make sure that everybody has their voice heard.”