City of Charlevoix Voters to Decide on Housing Proposal in November

In November, voters in the city of Charlevoix will be deciding on a proposal aimed at creating more affordable housing.

The plan would take some unused areas of the city-owned golf course to be used as housing developments.

The city says if approved, the land would be used for a mix of single-family homes, townhouses and apartments. 9 29 2020 Charlevoix Housing Plan Vo

They would all be reserved for year-round residents with the goal that most will go to those working in the area.

Charlevoix Mayor Luther Kurtz says affordable housing is a big concern for current residents and those working in the city but currently living elsewhere.

“Your city government here in Charlevoix is working really hard to solve the housing crisis and this is a solution we see could work if the voters decide that they want us to keep going for it,” Kurtz says. “If they don’t, we’ll try other solutions. But we believe this one can work.”

Residents have raised concerns about a portion of the land being an ancient Native American burial site.

Kurtz says they are working with the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians and there will be no building on any burial sites.

Kurtz has put other frequently asked questions sheet on the proposal you can view by clicking here.


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