5-Year-Old Boy Getting a New Heart Surprised by Fleet of 1st Responders

Michigan State Police and the Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office gave a 5-year-old the surprise of a lifetime.

Aiden Pawloski wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

Aiden was born with a heart condition and, at just 5-years-old, he’s awaiting a heart transplant.

Local law enforcement responded in a big way after Aiden’s parents sent a video of him showing off his police skills.

Tuesday night, they brought a fleet of first responders and American Legion Riders to wish Aiden well before his heart transplant.

Aiden’s parents, Brianne and Pete Pawloski, say they couldn’t be more grateful.09 16 20 Heart Transplant Boy Msp Driveby Vo 11

“I think it makes a world of difference to feel like you have support and that people care about what’s going on in little kids’ lives and that you know, this, it’s an illness that is not as visible from the outside. As you can see he looks great he’s having fun, living his best life. But you know behind all that is a lot that he’s been through,” Brianne says.

Right after Aiden’s drive-by parade, U.S. Coast Guard helicopters passed by his house.