150 Million Rapid COVID-19 Tests to be Sent to All 50 States

09 29 20 Covid Latest Vo.transfer

President Trump says 150 million rapid COVID-19 tests will be sent out to all 50 states.

It comes as the global coronavirus death toll surpasses 1 million people.

Monday in the White House Rose Garden, the president announced the rapid tests will be deployed.

The tests are easy to use and only take about 15 minutes for results.

President Trump says 50 million tests will be sent to communities hit hardest by the pandemic.

“18 million for nursing homes, 15 million for assisted living facilities, 10 million for home health and hospice care agencies and nearly 1 million for historically black colleges and universities and also tribal nation colleges,” he said.

While the tests are a step in the right direction, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says some states are raising serious concern.

They say 15 states are showing positivity rates at more than 10%. The CDC’s goal has been to get that number below 5%.

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