COVID-19 Cases Rise in U.S. As Flu Season Approaches

09 28 20 Mtm Covid Latest

Coronavirus cases in the U.S. are seeing a steady rise and health experts are warning it could be the start of a tough fall and winter.

Over the past week, the U.S. has averaged nearly 43,000 cases per day.

That is up 24% from the average just two weeks ago.

Areas that have seen the virus slow after being one of the hardest hit areas in the country, like New York and New Jersey, are now seeing outbreaks once again.

With flu season approaching quickly, health experts say it is more important than ever to minimize the risk of spread.

Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen says, “We are heading into the winter season. We could be seeing the confluence of COVID-19 and influenza. This is a time for us to be reducing these high risk situations as much as possible.”

While New Jersey and New York are seeing an uptick, the spread of the virus is starting to slow down in Los Angeles and Orange counties in California.

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