President Trump Announces SCOTUS Selection: Amy Coney Barrett

President Trump announcing Amy Coney Barrett as his choice to fill the empty seat in the United States Supreme Court.

Coney Barrett will now be considered by the senate judiciary committee before a vote in the senate.

If she’s voted in she would be the 120th Supreme Court justice.

The announcement was made at a white house press conference.

Amy Coney Barrett For Web

Barrett is 48 years old and was born in New Orleans.

She is a graduate of Rhodes College and Notre Dame University.

She was a clerk for Justice Antonin Scalia in the late 1990’s.

President trump nominated her to the seventh circuit court of appeals in 2017.

Already people are comparing the differences in policy between Barrett and Justice Ginsburg.

Ginsburg worked heavily for reproductive rights, while Barrett is Catholic and pro-life.

Ferris State University political history professor Dr. Christian Peterson says Barrett’s viewpoints will be a big topic of debate.

“There is a fundamental disconnect that clearly wasn’t emphasized in the press conference on abortion.  There’s definitely a disconnect because some people see her and that’s why they support her.”

If Barrett is confirmed in the Supreme Court, President Trump will have appointed three justices in four years.

That would make conservative justices the majority in the nation’s highest court.

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