New Legislation Expands Activities on Grand Traverse Commons Property

Legislation recently signed into law will expand the list of permitted activities allowed on the Grand Traverse Commons property.

Right now, that only includes hiking and cross country skiing.Bd3e62c5 8616 476a 80e7 F6a4c4fb1b5f

The legislation sponsored by senator Wayne Schmidt, allows all non motorized activities as long as they do not damage the property.

We spoke with TART Trails who says this new law lets them do some much needed work on the trails.

TART Trails communication and policy director, Brian Beauchamp says, “We were unable to address some of those erosion issues. Now, what we’re going to be able to do is bring all different types of trail users together to create something that part of the trail might be ADA accessible.”

This legislation took effect immediately once it received Governor Whitmer’s signature.