Michigan Environmental Leaders Discuss 2050 Carbon Neutral Goal

Governor Whitmer signed an executive order this week with the goal of making Michigan carbon neutral by the year 2050.

State leaders came together Friday morning to discuss what it will take to meet that goal and the steps already underway.

The state says now is the time to take action with the effects of a changing climate already being felt.

“Regular storm events are devastating, extreme storm events are catastrophic, so that’s certainly what we’ve been seeing over the last several months here in Michigan. The other thing that we’re starting to see is across the nation, weather events piling up on top of each other,” said Liesl Clark, director of the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy.

The state says projects are already underway to help meet their goal. That includes efforts from energy companies within the state.

“We’ve seen a series of announcements that sort of over time have gotten increasingly ambitious, so Consumers Energy first announced a target of getting to net zero by 2050 and the accelerated they to 2040,” said Dan Scripps, chair, Michigan Public Service Commission.

State leaders admit it’s an ambitious goal, but feel it’s one that can be met. They expect the first meeting of the council on climate solutions that will further guide the state to happen in late December or early January.

“This is a goal, and so obviously efforts can be accelerated or decelerate based on how things are changing. I think that it’s important to get that goal out there, I think it’s important for us to be assembling and making sure we’re thinking creatively about how to improve our future,” said Clark.

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