Healthy Living: Retevmo for Thyroid Cancer

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month.

Ninety percent of all patients are cured if it’s caught early. Hl Retevmo For Thyroid Cancer Pkg 5

But for those with medullary thyroid cancer, a rare form of the disease, there have been few effective options.

In Healthy Living, Courtney Hunter introduces us to the first young man in the country who is being treated with a lifesaving drug, which was at first prescribed for adults only.

Tanner is now a sophomore at Kent State in Ohio majoring in psychology.

Retevmo was approved in May for people with non-small cell lung cancer, and two types of thyroid cancer with specific gene mutations, including medullary thyroid cancer.

Tanner will need to be on Retevmo for the rest of his life to keep the cancer at bay.

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