Health Dept.: More Algae Blooms on Black Lake

District Health Department No. 4 wants people to remain aware of a harmful algae bloom in Black Lake.

The algae releases a toxin that can be harmful to people.

It can cause skin rashes and blisters if it comes into contact with the skin and, if ingested, can lead to other problems.

The bloom can be especially dangerous in higher quantities.

The algae will eventually dissipate as temperatures begin dropping. In the meantime, the health department recommends people stay away from areas of the lake that contain the algae bloom.

“They’re quite obvious, they’re unusual looking. It looks like somebody spilled paint across the top of the water,” explained Kevin Prevost, the environmental health director for the health department. “If there’s nothing present, certainly you can swim. It doesn’t affect all the water, it affects just the location of that bloom so those areas we want people to avoid.”

The health department cautions pet owners to also keep their pets away from the algae blooms.