Harbor Springs Library Starts Restoration Work On Roof

The Harbor Springs Library is having some restoration work done on its roof. Harbor Springs Library

It is the first of many projects planned for the 112 year old building.

The library is selling these engraved wooden book spines to help pay for the projects.

Work on the roof was scheduled to begin this past spring but due to the pandemic, work only just began earlier this week

The library’s director says she’s excited for the building to get the attention it needs.

“We started about 2 years ago putting our plans together. We want to really preserve this historic building. We don’t want to change it. It’s going to be a lot like this but structurally much more sound,” said Amelie Dawson, Director of Harbor Springs Library.

The library wants to thank the community for their support and lake art in Harbor Springs for engraving the book spines.