Friday Four Sessions: Eric Ivancevic Performs “Apathy”

We welcomed back musician, Eric Ivancevic in this week’s Friday Four Sessions. He just released a new album and performed one of his latest tracks for us – Apathy.Sessions Nat Vo 4.transfer 1

About Eric Ivancevic

Growing up, Ivancevic always had an interest in music. At the age of 9, he received his first guitar, learned the basics from his dad and other talented peers, and from there – it took off.

“I started playing along with old country songs,” said Ivancevic. “As my skills and music taste blossomed, I was able to pick up other types of music, techniques, and styles”.

He grew up listening to popular 90s rock bands like Matchbox Twenty, Everclear, and the Goo Goo Dolls. This helped him not only expand his sounds but lyrics as well. “All of my music comes from personal experiences or feelings, sometimes ideas or scenarios that play out in my head,” Ivancevic expressed. “I want people who can relate to it, know that they’re not alone. The world sucks sometimes and it helps knowing other people may be going through something similar”.

His latest album, ‘Apathy’ features a wide variety of tunes including rock, acoustic, and a little bit of county.

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