CMU Students Excited, Concerned About Return of Football

Typically students, fans, and family fill the stands of the Kelly/Shorts Stadium at Central Michigan University, but this year it hasn’t been the case.

Even though the stadium is dark, excitement is brewing on campus for the return of football.

We talked with some CMU students about the MAC’s big announcement.

They say it’s been hard to fire up this year, but they hope this will all change once their Chippewas take the field.52115235 2faa 416f 861a 6ce65d0e6489

But even though CMU has put rules in place against large gatherings, some students are worried this could deter others from following the those rules.

CMU student, Rachel Napier said, “I do think that with football season coming, everybody is going to be more excited again and there’s going to be a lot more partying.”

Another student, Alynne Welch said, “It is kind of a smaller community, but I’m also very concerned because the precautions behind it might not be the safest.”

Both students ask their fellow classmates to continue following the university’s COVID-19 safety guidelines.