Adventure Cat: Northern Michigan Feline Hikes, Swims and Kayaks

Adopting a new furry friend is a major responsibility but is sure to bring so much joy into your home. That’s why Kalkaska residents James Burge and his girlfriend Renee Martin decided to rescueThe Four Cat Trek Vo 12.transcoded.01 their cat from the Missaukee Humane Society last September. “you know we just wanted to include her in the family,” explains James Burge. 

James and Renee’s dog Takota and their recently adopted kitty named Apricot quickly became best buddies. They started bringing Apricot with them wherever they went. Burge says, “I just absolutely fell in love with her and we didn’t want to leave her at home.” 

Now she is a full-fledged adventure cat! Apricot hikes, swims and does almost everything you’d think a feline would refuse to do! “Everyone’s just amazed especially when they see her swimming or in the water or running around in the snow,” says Burge. 

The ‘purr-fect’ excuse to bring your furry companion along for some of life’s greatest moments! 

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