Doppler 9&10 STEM – Changing Leaves

Have you wondered how weather happens or what science is? Well, on Doppler 9&10 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) our goal is to teach you while making it fun morePhoto Sep 21, 9 09 16 Am the kids to learn with experiments you can do at home!

The Science

I am sure you have seen it already in your neighborhood! The colors on the leaves are already changing! Those of you who are into science are probably wondering why do leaves change colors. It is actually quite simple to understand!

Leaves have a chemical on them called Chlorophyll. As summer ends and fall begins the chlorophyll in the leaf starts to break down due to a dry end to summer and a sunny start to fall with cool overnight temperatures. The chlorophyll breaks down into other chemicals such as Xanthophyll, Carotene, and Anthocyanin. The different chemicals provide a different color to the leaves appear.

The Experiment: Leaves Changing in the Fall


This is an easy experiment you can do at home and you likely have all of these materials at home!! Yay!

What You Need

  • Paper Plate
  • Paper Towel or Napkin
  • A Black Marker
    • Cannot be EXPO or Permanent marker
    • We used Crayola
  • Water and dropper


  • Make sure you start off with the paper plate!
  • Place the paper towel or napkin on the paper plate
  • Draw a fun design on your paper towel!
  • Drop water over the ink you drew
  • Watch the water spread the ink (Chemicals breaking down)
  • The chemicals breaking down represent the changing colors in leaves

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