State Updates MI Safe Start Map With Revised Names for Risk Levels

In May, the state released a map that outlines the risk of the spread of the coronavirus in the different regions of the state.

It’s now been updated to include new risk levels and thresholds in an effort to make it easier to use.

Risk levels are listed as low and then A-E.

For the percent of coronavirus tests that come back positive, all areas in the state are testing lower than 7%.

Positivity Rate Thresholds

But here are the thresholds for the new case rates.

New Daily Cases

The newest threshold for new case rates added to the state’s levels is the E level of over 150 new daily cases per million people.

This is where the state is seeing major differences among the regions.

Full Screen From Tom

The Lansing region is the worst in the state with the risk level at E due mostly to the rise in cases at Michigan State University.

The Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Upper Peninsula regions are at risk level D.

The Jackson, Detroit and Saginaw regions are all at risk level C.

The Traverse City region is performing the best in the state at risk level B because new daily cases are below 30 per million residents.

To check out the MI Safe Start Map, click here. 


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