Health in Focus: Lumbar Stenosis

Lower-back pain can really get on your “nerves”. Literally. We talk with the doc, at Jagannathan Neurosurgery about lumbar stenosis, and when you should seek help for that annoying ailment inPexels Karolina Grabowska 4506109 (1) this edition of ‘Health in Focus’.

“Lumbar stenosis is the compression of the nerves caused by arthritis, disk bulges, or degeneration in the back,” said Dr. Jagannathan “Oftentimes patients complain of extremity pain and/or back pain which is worse with walking and relieved when resting or leaning forward”.

When one, or more of your nerves on the lumbar portion of your back is compressed is can lead to back pain, leg cramping, shooting pain down the legs, weakness, numbness and tingling.

One of Dr. Jagannathan’s patients, Janice started suffering from pain after a competitive walk. “I could hardly walk, I was in so much pain”. Janice sought help from her physician, and after struggling with pain for a while, she went to Jagannathan Neurosurgery for treatment. “I was blessed to find Dr. J, I am feeling pretty amazing after my surgery”.

Just like with any procedure, Janice was given other treatments beforehand to find the best method. This includes rest and anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, and steroid injections.

For more information about lumbar stenosis, and Jagannathan Neurosurgery, click here.


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