CMU Launches Surveillance Testing Program

Central Michigan University launched a program to help slow the spread of the coronavirus through its campus community.

They’ve started doing what’s known as surveillance testing among volunteer students, faculty and staff.

The surveillance testing program at Central Michigan University will test asymptomatic students, faculty and staff for covid-19 over the next several weeks. Dr. George Kikano is helping lead the effort.

“We are asking volunteers to volunteer for a nasal swab, for a common test known as PCR, to identify our base line. Once we establish that base line, we’re going to be checking on a weekly basis to see if that trend is going up or it’s going down,” said Kikano.

About 200 people have enrolled in the program so far, but the university would like to see several hundred people take part each week. The goal is to spot asymptomatic cases and prevent a surge in cases.

“Now that we have been in this pandemic for 8 months, we are understanding much more about the virus. We know individuals have been exposed before they become symptomatic, or some healthy individual can carry the virus without ever developing symptoms, but in both cases they can be contagious,” said Dr. Kikano.

CMU hopes the information they gather over the next six weeks. Can help them better understand the virus, and also prepare for what’s ahead.

“We are starting now in the early planning for the spring semester, we have done so well, this is our sixth week, having students here, we’ve been fortunate the campus has been safe so has Isabella County. We are now starting to make plans bases on what we learn for the spring semester,” said Dr. Kikano.

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