Food Truck Wars: Friendly 4 Week Competition Amongst Food Trucks in Traverse City

As the temperatures continue to fall across Northern Michigan, a friendly competition is heating up Traverse City this fall! For the next 4 weeks, you can take part in Food Truck Wars. This event The Four Food Truck Vo 12.transcoded.01.transferis taking place every Thursday at Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City and is hosted by Brian Welburn, the owner of King Wubbz. 

Each week Brian will invite a local food truck to compete against him using the same one ingredient to create a dish and have members in the community vote on which dish they like better. The event is every Thursday starting September 24-October 15 and takes place 12 pm – 8 pm. The event aims to promote food trucks that are new to town. Brian Welburn, the owner of King Wubbz says, “We want to let people know that we’re still open and it’s safe to come here.”

Below is the current lineup

9/24: APPLES — King Wubbz vs. Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ 

10/1: BISON — King Wubbz vs. Burger Eatin’ Bastard

10/8: WINGS — King Wubbz vs. R&B BBQ 

10/15: POTATOES — King Wubbz vs. Archie’s Food Truck 

For more information, click here. 

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