Gerber Announced $36 Million Investment, 50 New Jobs for Fremont Facility

A major Newaygo County employer just announced a big investment expected to bring dozens of jobs to the area.

Gerber plans to invest $36 million at their Fremont baby food plant and bring 50 full time jobs to the area.

The newly announced multi-million dollar investment at Gerber’s Fremont plant is expected to have a ripple effect throughout Fremont and Newaygo County.

“Every job that pays on average over $20 an hour, which these do, creates at least three-plus other jobs. So when you have a company like Gerber, which we call base economic jobs, they create several other jobs in the local pizza parlor, the local barber shop. Rural development is not so easy, and to keep a good solid employer in a smaller community like Fremont is not an easy task, so we really appreciate the commitment Gerber made,” said Birgit Klohs, president & CEO of The Right Place.

It’s welcome news for local businesses still working to recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s huge for us especially with everything that’s been going on. It brings more customers to businesses like us because Gerber’s a huge part of this community, and we try to be a huge part of Gerber for all their needs, so it’s very beneficial,” said Jack Boone, general manager at Brew Works in Fremont.

Local economic leaders say discussions about the investment began before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and thankfully were able to see things through.

“It stabilizes a community like Fremont for the long term, provides good jobs for the long term and really it stabilizes the whole region because we can’t afford to lose one of the companies, we really can’t. So for Gerber to make that commitment for our partners to work along with us was really gratifying,” Klohs said.