CDC Airborne Transmission Guidance ‘Posted in Error’

06 22 20 Cdc Mix Up Vo

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is backtracking after announcing new guidance for how the coronavirus spreads.

The agency abruptly deleted information on its website saying the virus was spread through airborne transmission, claiming it was “posted in error.”

The abrupt action is now sparking speculation as to why the reversal happened.

The CDC said Monday, “The bottom line is airborne transmission is possible, but not the main way that it spreads.”

They added the information was part of a draft and had not been given the OK to post.

Public health experts are calling for consistency when releasing information.

“I think from the beginning with coronavirus we’ve had mixed messaging on everything from masks, to whether certain drugs or treatments work, to whether we should be social-distancing or whether lockdowns are needed,” says Dr. Celine Gounder, with the NYU School of Medicine.

It’s been months since the CDC or White House Coronavirus Task Force briefed the American public.

Health officials stress to keep social distancing and wearing a mask. As of Monday, more than half of the U.S. is seeing an uptick in cases.