Artist Profile: Pam Spicer

We met a Northern Michigan artist who uses layers of color to build beautiful landscapes onto canvas. Pam Spicer shares her inspirations – and where to find her artwork in this artist profile.Ac1 3263

Who are you?

“I’m Pam Spicer. My husband and I moved here about a year and a half ago to Traverse City, from the Chicago area. We built a modern home that is nestled in the woods on the west side. I grew up in a family of painters, my mother, my two grandmothers, my great aunts, I was inspired by all of them. About 12 years ago, I started painting, and I never looked back. I just love it.”

What is your favorite medium?

“I use primarily oil right here in the studio. It is my favorite medium, I like to use that for landscapes. This summer I painted with the Crooked Tree in their Grand Traverse Paint Out, and I used acrylics – I also love that. I’m kind of more new to acrylics, but I love them both.”

What was your inspiration?

“I find inspiration, right now from various painters that I meet in northern Michigan also friends from the Chicago area. I also find inspiration in the landscape. I like to layer color and I like to use sunlight shadow. And I’m constantly amazed at all of the beauty.”

What do you want people to take away from your art?

“I hope that they will see my enthusiasm in my relationship with the landscape. It’s just something that I feel so at home in, and I believe, others that are here in Northern Michigan do as well.”

Learn more about Pam Spicer here.

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