Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday: Yoda, Phineas & Peanut

It’s Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday on Michigan This Morning!

This week we have Yoda, Phineas and Peanut—just three of Northern Michigan’s many great, adoptable animals waiting for a loving family to take them home.

First up, Yoda.

He’s a cuddly little tabby who loves to purr when he’s held.

Yoda is named after the wrinkly green alien from “Star Wars,” but we think he looks more like The Child known as Baby Yoda by fans of “The Mandelorian.”

Either way, cute he is. Loves wet food, this kitten does. Find Yoda at Lake County Animal Control, you will.

Next, we have Phineas, a young pup with an old soul.

This cutie is a mixed breed that’s only 6 to 8-months-old.

He’s a typical puppy that loves to run and play, but you will be able to enjoy snuggles too!

The shelter says he’s a very well-behaved little pup.

You can find him at Animal Rescue Coalition of Mecosta County.

Or if you’re looking for a new friend with lower energy, Peanut is your guy.

He’s a super shy seat warmer that’s hoping for a quiet home to hang out in. This total sweetheart is the perfect buddy for binge watching shows with.

You’ll find him at the Cherryland Humane Society.

Tune in to MTM each Tuesday at 5:20 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. for more lovable Northern Michigan pets in search of families of their own!

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