US Nears 200,000 Deaths

The U.S. will likely mark another grim milestone in the coronavirus pandemic Monday.

We are now nearly 500 deaths away from reaching 200,000. Brazil is the next closest country with almost 137,000.

There has been a sharp increase in coronavirus cases worldwide, and a dozen U.S. states are seeing a spike in coronavirus deaths.

Now more and more mass gatherings are causing concern from many of the nation’s top experts.

09 21 20 Mtm Covid Latest Vsv.movThis weekend, thousands of bikers packed Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks.

But former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says the public cannot let its guard down because the virus is anything but gone.

“I think we have one more cycle with this virus heading into the fall and winter…There’s an unmistakable spike in new infections,” he says.

Nearly 50,000 new cases were reported nationwide Friday.

But Europe is also dealing with a large surge in cases.

Spain is seeing a 30% higher infection rate than their previous peak.

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