State Renames Building After Civil Rights Pioneers

As a push was made across the country to remove monuments and rename buildings commemorating slave owners and segregationists, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the Lewis Cass Building in downtown Lansing would be renamed to the Elliott-Larsen Building.

Monday the new signage was unveiled.

Lewis Cass was a former governor of Michigan but also a known segregationist.Elliott Larsen Building Pic

Daisy Elliott and Melvin Larsen were the sponsors of Michigan’s most impactful Civil Rights Act, passed in 1976.

It prohibited discrimination based upon gender, race, nationality or age.

It did not include sexual orientation, which the state legislature has introduced bills to add to the protected list.

“We are Republican and we are Democrat but we are Michiganders first. We are men and we are women but we are Michiganders first,” says Gov. Whitmer, “We are straight and we are LGBTQ but we are Michiganders first. So we have more work to be done to fulfill the potential of a true Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act”

The change cost the state less than $6,000 and Whitmer says there are no other properties needing to be renamed at this point.