Green Lake Township Ends Employment with Fire Chief

A township in Grand Traverse County is looking for a new Fire Chief – after the town board fired theirs last week.

Green Lake Township parted ways with their Fire Chief David Cutway, at a Special Meeting on Friday. The Township supervisor says the board wanted to go a different route and felt someone else should lead the Emergency Services Department into the future.

For now, the board has named an interim Fire Chief – and an interim Emergency Services Coordinator – two positions that were previously united as one, aGreen Lake Fire1nd both held by Cutway. Green Lake Township Supervisor Marvin Radtke says, “We’re hoping within the next two weeks a subcommittee will have a report done on the status of the job description for Emergency Services Director. We’d take that recommendation to a town board meeting. It’s feasible that we would have two different positions.”

The Township Supervisor says he’s hopeful the board can take action this month and work quickly to post whatever job openings are finalized.