Fake Facebook Page Causes Confusion Over Canceled Balloons Over Bay Harbor

A fake Facebook page caused confusion over the canceled Balloons Over Bay Harbor event.

Organizers canceled the event weeks ago, but kept receiving calls about a Facebook page promoting the event, even offering a live stream. 09 21 2020 Bay Harbor Fb Event Cold 6

“We have no idea how they did this, but it caused us a lot of headaches,” said Michelle Denise, marketing manager for the Bay Harbor Company.

Despite canceling the event weeks ago, she kept receiving calls about the Facebook event still being up for this year’s Balloons Over Bay Harbor.

“They took our picture, they took our whole event, they said they were hosting the event,” Denise said. “If you did not look close, there was no way you could tell it from our actual event.”

They tried contacting the page to take it down but got no response.

“We reported the page to Facebook, twice in two weeks, and never heard back from Facebook and it was never taken down,” Denise said. “It’s so frustrating.”

Lt. Derrick Carroll of the Michigan State Police says with many events going online there is a lot of potential for fraud.

“These have become very prevalent,” Lt. Carroll said. “They’re far too easy to do and they can throw out a wide net across the internet and see how many people fall for it.”

If you are unsure about an event, do some digging.

“Reach out to your chamber of commerce or the local people who hold these events and they can tell you what’s legitimate and what’s not,” Lt. Carroll said.

“We feel terrible because I know a lot of people had their heart set on seeing this event, but I want them to know are back in 2021, full force and better than ever,” Denise said.