TC Community Marches to Honor Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Codie Mayhew is one of the almost 200 people that gathered to celebrate the life and legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Mayhew says, “The only reason we have a seat at the table in the last 50 years is because of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. For me, it does hit every woman personally. I just don’t know how it can’t.”

Her passing inspired Traverse City resident Cari Noga to organize a tribute.

Noga says, “She had an amazing legal career even before she was appointed to the court and so I wanted to celebrate that legacy. We’re at a critical time in our political history.”Screen Shot 2020 09 20 At 8.16.12 Pm

People from the community gathered at planned parent hood to give a nod to RBG’s work for reproductive rights.

They walked a mile lining Eighth Street to the city’s court house.

“Fight for the things you care about but do it in a way so that others will join you and so that’s what I had in mind when I set this up,” Cari Noga says.

Cari says she wants this moment to be a call to action for younger generations. She hopes her daughter is able to learn from Ruth’s boldness.

“Her pushing boundaries, pushing limits, and being a role model for future generations,” Noga says.

Their biggest call to action is to ask people to show up to the polls come November.