Cedar River Waterways and Parks Projects Rededicates Community Bridge

Polka, the people, and the park are the heartbeat of Cedar, according to Cedar River Waterways and Park Project Chairman Ray Pleva.

“To hear the concert, hear the music, and just socialize—that’s what it’s all about. A great community event,” Pleva says.

But the star of Saturday’s festivities is Cedar’s famous red bridge.

“The bridge is the focal point of our whole project and this serves as a pedestrian bridge 12 months out of the year. It’s a fishing bridge that you can see a lot of the youth fishing off of. And in the wintertime it’s used as a snowmobile bridge,” Pleva says.

The bridge is just the beginning of the Cedar River Waterways and Parks Project. It has hopes of updating Cedar’s local park into a community hub.Screen Shot 2020 09 19 At 4.35.52 Pm

“It’s a big kick off. Our whole project which is a $1,300,000 and we’re going to improve the waterway, the walkway, the fish habitat, a fire lane for the fire department, and a new kayak launch,” Pleva says.

It is a project that has attracted the attention of many.

Sen. Curt VanderWall says, “This is heritage. This is history. This is an opportunity for all of us to relive what’s been here for many many years. We thank the family that helped design the bridge and originally started. I just want to say that we are proud.”

Pleva hopes Saturday’s event shows people the possibilities that their park holds.