Traverse City Radio Crew Ready for Special Role in High School Football Season

When you tuned into Friday’s Celebrate Service game on Local 32 or the Vuit app, you heard the radio call as well.

One of the people who called the game was Tim Brick.

He called the game with Joel Franck of WTCM.

Tim says he’s honored to be entering another season of high school football behind the mic.

Especially with more people likely tuned in this year since attendance at games is limited.

“10,000 people can’t come here and it’s been as high as 12,000 people that have come here, so there’s going to be a lot of people sitting at home wanting to know what’s going on here so we’re honored to be able to bring them that,” said Brick.

This is the 24th year Tim has broadcast high school football on the radio and he says it’s been the most unique season he can remember.

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