Traverse City Organizations Encouraging Filling Out the Census

With the 2020 Census deadline quickly approaching, local organizations in Traverse City are making sure everyone completes the form.

“This is a way to have a voice and be represented and counted because everybody counts,” said Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency Executive Director Kerry Baughman. “From the very beginning, we recognize this is a very important event in our community that we wanted to be a part of and promote.”

09 18 20 Tc Census Help PkgNMCAA has been posting videos and reminders about the Census on social media. They have also been actively passing out flyers at their community events.

“We were still delivering meals to homebound seniors, still providing food through our food distribution program, so we were able to throw pamphlets in there and other information,” said Baughman.

The Traverse Area District Library is making a similar effort in their locations.

“We put computers in various locations throughout the region so that people could fill out a census right in the library,” said TADL Library Director Michele Howard. “You walk in, you see it, and mostly it’s as a reminder if they feel uncomfortable doing it in the library, they’ll say, ‘Oh I’m going to go home and fill out my census and be counted’.”

In addition to computers, the library also offers hotspots for those without access to reliable internet.

“We have information all over and we’ve all been trained on how to answer questions for the census,” said Howard.

Both places say it’s crucial to take the Census, as it determines many things for a community, including funding.

“There’s so much tied to that count and to that 8 to 10 minutes that you take to make that effort,” said Baughman.

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