Team One Credit Union, Habitat for Humanity Donate Car to Family in Need

Friday, Team One Credit Union and Habitat for Humanity joined forces to change a life in our community. They donated a car to a northern Michigan family. Img 6399

The credit union gave the nonprofit the car to donate, and the charity and a board reviewed 50 applications for families who needed transportation.

Ultimately, they awarded the car to Julie McLellan who got the keys on Friday. Julie and her husband and children were homeless for four years, and finally got enough money to afford housing. Their budget was tight so they lived without transportation and used the BATA bus for all of their needs.

Now, this car will allow them to go grocery shopping and make appointments and it will also escort them to the fun things in life.

“They’re taking the kids to Moomers. They haven’t been able to do that in six years. That’s something that we take for granted,” said Habitat’s Sue Cronover.