Business in Focus: Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center Ankle Replacement Procedure

Ankle sprains, tears, and breaks we experience during childhood can sometimes have long-lasting effects that pop-up during adulthood.

We are talking about ankle arthritis with Dr. Stephen G. Reichard from Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center in Traverse City, and how it may be time for an ankle replacement in this edition of ‘Business in Focus’.Gloc Logo

“Ankle arthritis is different than in the shoulder the knee or the hip, and that it’s very uncommon unless you had some sort of injury in the past,” explained Dr. Reichard. “This type of arthritis is called post-traumatic arthritis”.

According to Dr. Reichard, there are non-surgical treatments they can do to help ease the pain. If the pain is unbearable, however, there is the option for an ankle replacement for approved candidates. “The surgery is an in-patient surgery, and they usually stay one night in the hospital, receive physical therapy and then go home,” Dr. Reichard said. “Then they see us back in the clinic about three weeks later for a check-up, and then it takes about three to six weeks before they can go back to a normal shoe, and resume physical activity. It can be a slow process if the patient does not rest their ankle properly”.

Dr. Reichard also mentioned that age does play a factor in determining a candidate for the procedure. “They can’t be too young and active”.

To learn more about the ankle replacement procedure at Great Lakes Orthopaedics in Travers City, click here.

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