MTM On the Road: Snickerdoodlz Frozen Yogurt in Petoskey

We don’t always start our mornings with dessert, but sometimes you need just a little sweet treat to get things started.

Snickerdoodlz is a new frozen yogurt shop in Petoskey.

The have a rotating list of 15 flavors, which is always giving people something new to try.

From brownie bites, to candy bars, to fruit, Snickerdoodlz has just the right frozen yogurt topping for your taste buds with over 50 toppings to choose from.

Xavier Hershovitz and photojournalist Catie Emery were there to learn all about their sweet treats! Watch the video above for more.

To see their flavor opitions and to learn more about Snickerdoodlz, click here.

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