Honey Harvesting with Sleeping Bear Farms in Benzie County

There are plenty of busy bees buzzing around Benzie County this time of year. That’s because it’s honey harvesting season at Sleeping Bear Farms. Kirk Jones, the founder and general manager at The Four Honey 12.transcoded.01Sleeping Bear Farms and St. Ambrose Cellars says, “There’s a rather small window for honey-making and it’s about 6 weeks of the whole summer.”

Beekeepers and the harvest crew must meet one requirement for the job when applying… They must like honey! “they’re a sticky mess all day long,” explains Jones. 

From beehive to bottle, the team at Sleeping Bear Farms is making sure they’re giving people quality over quantity. 

The last step of the process is extracting the beeswax from the honey. This is another popular item that has an industry revolving around it— cosmetics, fragrances, lotions, etc. Jones’ wife, Sharon is the proud owner of Beedazzled, a shop 6 miles up the road that offers hypo-allergenic bath and beauty products to make your skin glow. “Beeswax is an amazing alchemical process that the bees create from their own bodies to build their honeycomb,” explains Sharon. 

One of the most popular sellers and Beedazzled’s original product is the hand-dipped taper candles. “It’s very beneficial and helpful and cleans up you know any impurities that are in the air,” explains Sharon. 

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