Governor’s Office Caps Indoor Events at 10, Then Quietly Reinstates 250 Person Limit in Regions 6 and 8

Governor Whitmer signed an executive order last Friday which limited indoor events across the state to just 10 people.Img 3179

But on Thursday afternoon, the state’s coronavirus FAQ website was updated to specify that indoor events at phase 5, which are Regions 6 and 8, could proceed with 250 guests or fewer.

9&10 News confirmed with her office that the rules changed and that weddings and conferences in the Upper Peninsula and Traverse City regions can now have up to 250 people.

Local event planners say it’s been like whiplash trying to keep up with all the coronavirus changes.

“It’s been crazy. No one knew about [last week’s executive order] and I found out about it Monday morning from one of our contacts,” said Mickey Cannon from the Grand Traverse Resort. “You’d think you’d get a heads up with something so drastic as a 240-person cut in attendance.”

Cannon didn’t get a heads up about the governor reinstating the 250-person allowance, either.

“It’s making us jump through a lot of hoops to get this stuff done,” he said.

Groom-to-be Eric Henry is marrying his fiancé Rachael on Friday in Traverse City. He had a 150-person event scheduled for May, but he postponed it until this month, and only invited 50 people this time.

After months of dealing with coronavirus restrictions, he was all set for his big day this week.

But on Monday morning, he got a call from his wedding planner: the governor capped indoor events at 10 once again. Henry’s team scrambled to adjust, until he got another call, this time, it was better news.

“I just found out that it’s been switched back as probably 20 minutes ago,” Henry told 9&10 News Thursday afternoon, less than 24-hours before his wedding. “[I was like]…’are you kidding me?’ Why was it changed for four days or, you know, maybe five. It’s been less than a week, like, what was the goal there?”

To break it down, 250 people or less are allowed at indoor events in regions 6 and 8 only, which is the upper peninsula and Traverse City regions. Everywhere else in the state, indoor events are limited to 10 people. No matter the size all guests must follow strict safety rules.

Wedding guests will be able to take off their masks when they’re seated at their table to eat, and drink, but as soon as they get up to dance, or mingle, the mask has to come back on.

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