CDC Director: Vaccine Won’t be Ready for Mass Distribution Until Mid-to Late 2021

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning Americans a vaccine will likely not be ready for distribution until mid-to-late next year.

The news comes as 23 states are seeing an increase in cases and 34 are seeing an increase in deaths.

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield spoke before a Senate committee Wednesday, saying there could be a viable vaccine by November but it won’t be ready for public distribution for several more months beyond that.

09 17 20 Covid Latest Mtm Vo.transferThe U.S. is starting to see another surge in cases with a seven day moving average of more than 37,000 cases a day.

Colleges nationwide have now reported more than 50,000 cases since the beginning of the school year.

Epidemiologist Dr. Larry Brilliant says, “We are on the verge of exceeding 200,000 deaths. I’m concerned that the next few months may be among the worst that we’ve experienced.”

Wednesday, the CDC director emphasized the importance of continuing to wear a mask and social distancing because it is the best way to slow the spread while the public waits for a vaccine.

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