Special Olympics Michigan Sets the Bar Even Higher for 2020 Virtual Fall Games

After a successful “run” of their 2020 Summer Games, Special Olympics Michigan (SOMI) is now hosting its annual Fall competition virtually. Their plan is to continue the same flow from theSomi Fall Games 2020 Summer but to add even more of that “team” component.

According to SOMI’s senior director, Aaron Mills, “the virtual Summer Games were amazing but it was missing that social aspect. This is something that is really important”.

Leading up to the 2020 Virtual Fall Games, which takes place October 4 – 6, SOMI hopes to bring everyone together through virtual events like scavenger hunts, trivia nights, and other activities that can build on that comradery that SOMI is known for.

The 2020 SOMI Virtual Fall Games are open to all athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities across Michigan.

“Participants can choose from 12 sporting events including bocce, cycling, golf, softball and fitness events,” Mills explained. “They can train and compete from thier own home or surrounding area”.

Those who are without intellectual and developmental disabilities can also participate by being a mentor or a fan.

More information about the 2020 SOMI Virtual Fall Games, click here.

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