Pres. Trump, Biden Appeal to Hispanic Voters

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President Trump and Joe Biden are putting their campaigns in overdrive, spending a combined $27 million just this week alone.

Both are putting a major focus on Latino voters, a demographic that could help win the election.

Florida is a major battleground state. A win among Latino voters there could spell out victory in the sunshine state.

09 16 20 Voter Push SotJoe Biden made his way to Florida Tuesday to participate in a Hispanic heritage event.

He says he is the nominee that not only celebrates but embraces the Hispanic culture.

“It’s great to be back in Florida, and to be here to celebrate what’s best in our democracy, our diversity…especially the rich Hispanic heritage that enlivens so much of our national story,” Biden said.

09 16 20 Voter Push Other Side Sot.transferBut President Trump says he has worked with the Latino community his whole life and will continue to work hard for them.

“I didn’t have to be told about the Hispanic community, I dealt with them. Natural business people great business people, great, great business people,” the president said.

Florida has proven to be a crucial state in the presidential election in recent years.

In the last six elections, both parties have claimed the state three times. Including in 2000, when the state was ultimately decided by just 537 votes.

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