Otsego Co. Bus System Sees Steady Increase in Ridership After Decrease Due to COVID-19

The Otsego County Bus System is seeing a steady increase in ridership after hitting on hard times during the pandemic. Otsego Co Bus System

In the first week of March ridership was at 1,300 passengers per week.

Since then, numbers have dipped to as low as 184 passengers per week.

During this low point, 13 employees were laid off, but now most have been brought back.

In order to keep people safe the system cleans their buses regularly and even utilizes newer technology.

Timothy Cherwinski is the system’s transportation manager and he says that numbers are slowly improving.

“The expectations are for it to keep steadily increasing. Some of the ridership had to do with, I know some of it is school, schools back in session so we did get some ridership back, however some of the ridership is also businesses beginning to open up slowly,” said Cherwinski.

Ridership has now reached 546 per week.

Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and a mask is required to ride.

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