Hurricane Sally Makes Landfall

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Hurricane Sally has officially made landfall with top winds of 105 mph, hitting the Alabam-Florida Panhandle region Wednesday morning.

The storm is threatening millions with historic levels of rain and life-threatening flooding.

Sally was expected to make landfall Tuesday, but it stalled, moving further east towards Florida.

The storm crawled Tuesday night, moving at just 2 mph but growing in size the whole time.

Because Sally has slowed to a crawl, there is concern that high winds and rain will linger even longer.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey says, “Thankfully, it appears that many people heeded this voluntary evacuation.”

Tuesday night, it was already too late for anyone in the storm’s path to evacuate.

The National Hurricane Center says Sally will likely become a tropical storm shortly after making landfall, but it is expected to continue to produce a potentially catastrophic amount of rain.