Hop Harvesting with Michigan Hop Alliance

Tucked along the 45th parallel in Leelanau County is a 30-acre hop farm. This is known as the ‘sweet spot’ for growing hops. Brian Tennis, the Hop Yard Owner and Merchant for the Michigan Mi Hops Pkg 4Hop Alliance says, “It’s a dead sexy plant!” He started this relatively new Michigan industry 12 years ago with just 1 acre of hops. Now he’s grown to 13 varieties and processes the hops for others in Michigan and beyond. 

The growing cycle for this plant flies by. In a matter of 6-8 weeks, the plant grows up to 20 ft vertically. The harvest season for hops is very short. They have 3 weeks to have everything picked and processed. 

To see the process take place, watch the video above for a step-by-step overview of the process — plant to pellet. The Michigan Hop Alliance is giving hop heads the perfect excuse to support their favorite local brews. 

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