Dam Structure Upgrades Underway at Backus Creek State Game Area

The DNR started an upgrade project for two dams in the Backus Creek State Game Area.Backus Dam Projects

Since last summer the project has had numerous delays but now it is full speed ahead.

Here, the Backus Creek Dam is receiving major structural improvements.

While the Backus Lake Dam will begin being replace later in the year.

Most of the funding for the project was obtained through waterfowl hunting licenses.

The DNR wants to let those waterfowl hunters to know, water levels in the area are much lower than normal at this time.

“Especially waterfowl hunters this fall, I’d recommend that you get out there and do some scouting. Look at water levels they’re going to be much lower that you’re normally accustomed too,” said Keith Fisher, Wildlife Biologist.

Work on the project will continues up until this winter, and then they plan to complete it in the spring of 2021.