CMU President Davies Pledges to Make the University Anti-Racist

The President of Central Michigan University posted in a blog Tuesday that starting immediately, the university is to become an anti-racist institution.

President Bob Davies says this comes after he and the Board of Trustees read a book by an American professor called “How To Be An Antiracist.”

The book says, rather than just be diverse and accepting, anti-racism is a pledge for racial equality, locating the roots of problems in power and policies, and confronting racial inequities.

CMU political science student Darian Bird says this was necessary:

“The problem is that racism, in reality, is never really going to die, but hopefully this mandate that he put out that he’s making the faculty read this book, he’s making the students and the board of trustees; hopefully this helps with everything.”

Last Thursday, Bird organized a Legalize Being Black March at CMU.

He says President Davies’ statement this week helps the movement:

“It’s definitely positive because when I set up the march that happened, it was mainly to impact the community but also involve the students here. So being that the president of the university did say that here, it helps, it’s great, great news.”

To become an anti-racist institution, CMU is furthering its support for people of color as well as those who identify as LGBTQ+.

Hannah Costa, a music education major at CMU, says, “I know that we have our diversity and inclusion team on campus but we don’t normally hear from them, but everything that’s been going on since early 2020, we’ve been hearing a lot more, which is really good.”

Now Costa hopes CMU will spread its fire to other universities, putting an end to systemic racism.

“I’m just really proud to be here, I’m really proud to be a student of this university,” says Costa.