Spikes of COVID-19 Cases Linked to College Campuses

09 15 20 Covid Latest Vo

College campuses around the nation are leading to major coronavirus spikes and it’s leading to several schools taking major action.

Major breakouts at the University of Wisconsin have led to the state’s highest daily case load.

Now the university has vowed to crack down on any irresponsible behavior and has canceled spring break.

Even campuses in Michigan are reacting.

Monday, we told you Michigan State University asked students to self-quarantine. They have even issued a mandatory quarantine for 30 of the largest sorority and fraternity houses.

09 15 20 2covid Latest VoBut the concern doesn’t stop at colleges, parents and teachers have started protesting in New York, calling for safer conditions before students in the city head back to school next Monday.

New York City teacher Shrea Sunderram says she will risk her own health, if forced to teach in-person.

“I love my job and if I’m forced into the building I will go in…For those of us who cannot afford to lose our paychecks, we have to risk our lives.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city is adding 2,000 teachers to address staffing shortage before the start of school

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