Osceola County Life EMS Presentation Raises Questions

A presentation by a private EMS company raised a number of questions at a Tuesday morning meeting in Osceola County.

Life EMS was invited to give a presentation to county commissioners, but the county EMS department says it caught them by surprise.

Osceola County EMS Director Jeremy Beebe said he was caught off guard by the presentation by to county commissioners. The presentation came a little more than a month after voters renewed a millage to fund the county ems.

“The EMS department is financially sound, in fact we have reduced the millage from 1.33 down to 1 and the 2021 budget is going to request a decrease in the millage down to .75,” said Beebe.

Life EMS operates in several northern Michigan counties, but still faced questions about staffing and response times.

“We’re constantly recruiting not only in general, but also from all of the training programs throughout Michigan, and that’s where working Osceola and Mecosta a few years ago we started a paramedic program that ran here in Reed City,” said Life EMS President Mark Meijer.

The chair of the county commissioners says today’s presentation was just that. No votes were taken and no further action has been announced as of now.

“I felt that it was in the best interest to have him do a presentation and I have asked him to do that to make the commissioners more aware and give them the information that I felt they should have. I feel that is my responsibility and my obligation, not only as a commissioner, but as the chair,” said Chairman Jack Nehmer.

But some were still left with concerns.

“It’s effecting our staff, and it affects the ability for us to recruit and retain employees. I think we could have had better communication amongst us so we could he working together and not against each other,” said Beebe.

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