Former Grand Hotel Owners Buy Arnold, Shepler’s Freight Services

The man who use to own the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island just made a big announcement about his next endeavor.

Dan Musser announced he and Marlee Brown bought the Arnold Freight Company and Shepler’s Freight.

The two companies will be merged under the Arnold Freight Company name.

The acquisitions were made on September 8 and September 11 respectively.

Shepler’s freighter will be given a new name, The Senator, honoring Brown’s grandfather who was a senator.

Dan Musser says that he’s looked forward to this day.

“I’ve thought about it a lot over the years, and it’s also kind of full circle for our family. To have my wife now as owner, along with Veronica who’s staying on as CEO and having my wife’s connection to it, it all just kind of came together this summer,” said Musser.

They believe that combining the two companies and operating from one dock will help alleviate stress elsewhere.