Pfizer Vaccine Trials Could Be Done By October

09 14 20 Covid Vaccine Vo

One of the drug makers leading the way in the race for a coronavirus vaccine says a public vaccine could be near.

Pfizer says it will soon have results to their trial testing and have a better understanding of how effective it is.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says there’s a good chance the company will know if the vaccine works by the end of October.

Pfizer has already started manufacturing the vaccine and hundreds of thousands of doses have already been made.

“In our best case, we have quite a good chance, more than 60%, that we will know if the product works or not by the end of October,” Bourla says. “But of course, that doesn’t mean that it works. It means that we will know if it works.”

Pfizer says they don’t know how long it would take for regulators to approve it but are pushing for a public release before 2021.

AstraZeneca has resumed clinical trials after taking a six-day pause when one of their volunteers developed a rare spinal disorder. They have yet to indicate if the vaccine caused the illness.

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